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Bright Yellow NZ enables future building owners to make informed decisions so they can incorporate responsible building practices without breaking the bank.  

Building Responsibly starts at Concept Stage, with clear intentions of your Project outcome and an early elemental concept budget.  

Building Responsibly not only preserves our resources but it also has commercial benefits to both the Constructor and the Owner. Cost savings achieved by early Design Value Management practice are in most cases well worth pursuing.

Trees From Above

Independent Project Advice

A one on one discussion to get clear what your needs are and what your next steps are, or time for you to ask questions. 

Priorities and Goal Setting

BYNZ can help you assess what you want to get out of your project, align your team and clarify your goals.

Elemental and Concept Feasibility

Find out what your budget is and clearly see what is feasible.

Materials and Design

Independent advice on materials and design within your budget.

Maximise your Potential

Value engineering, procurement advice and detailed costings to design your ideal outcome.

Fern Plant

I’ve been a quantity surveyor for the last decade, working in one of the most wasteful industries in New Zealand. Some building owners do want to build better, but the biggest obstacle to building an environmentally friendly building is often that the cost impact is often unknown, or perceived to be too expensive. 


In New Zealand, up to 55% of the waste produced is by the construction industry, and we have a responsibility to our clients and the environment to build in a way that we can be proud of. 

By combining quantity surveying with environmental consulting, this new hybrid approach gives building owners affordable and personal cost advice, value engineering, and the environmental design advice to explore the exciting options available to them - often before an architect is even involved. 

Take control of your project, empower yourself with the right tools and remember - the earlier you start, the better the outcome!

 Contact me today for an initial consultation to find out how we can design a Brighter Future for your next project.


Tauranga, New Zealand

+64 21 171 5407

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